Meetings start at 7.30pm

The tree of the month competition

A free to enter monthly competition for all members. Just bring along one tree each month to receive one point. The tree deemed best that month will receive one extra point. The members (novice and experienced) with the most points at the end of the year wins.

A bit of fun so why not join in

Congratulations to Pete Sampson on winning the Annual Tree of the Month award for novices. The award was donated by Christine Entwistle for the overall novice tree of the month winner. Also John Stewart who won the same category for experienced members and receives free membership for 2015.

Jan 19th

This month we start the year by repotting the Society Larch forest


Trees need protection from heavy rainfall and freezing winds. Do not feed this month

Feb 16th

To be confirmed


A busy month trimming die back on branches, remembering to seal cuts.

March 15th

To be confirmed


Repot and root prune bonsai, but not flowering species

April 19th

To be confirmed


Shelter newly potted trees. Protect from late frosts. You can start your feeding schedules now, but do not feed newly repotted trees or trees in flower. Repotting pines can start this month

May 17th

David Jones from Walsall will be visiting us to demonstrate pot making


Watch out for late night frosts and excessive sun during the day. Make sure any trees you have wired dose not have wires biting in

June 21st

To be confirmed


Now is the time for selective candle pinching on Pines. Keep your eyes open for pests on trees

July 19th

The society meeting is another 5 tree night, where members work on a collection of trees. A fun evening where members worked in groups to style raw material.



Make sure your trees don't dry out and protect from long periods of sun

Aug 16th

To be confirmed


Reduce Nitrogen in fertilizer. Trim long shoots. Keep an eye on watering.

Sept 20th

This month we have the society auction. All things bonsai related will be auctioned. Visitors welcome with a small fee on the door. So come along and pick up some bargains


Wire new growth, remove old needles and reduce watering.

Oct 18th

To be confirmed


Repot evergreens, reduce watering and check wired trees for wire biting into bark.

Nov 15th

To be confirmed


Shelter trees from excessive rainfall and keep pot's and compost tidy.

Dec 20th


The Annual General Meeting, followed by the Christmas Social and Buffet.


Prune trees as needed, shelter from freezing winds and heavy rainfall, clear all dead leaves etc. from pots.