This year 2013 sees the 40th anniversary of

The National Bonsai Society

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Formation of Bonsai Aikosha


This document is a transcript from a photocopy of an original hand written record of events, kindly supplied by Arnold D; regarding the formation of the above society, later to become The National Bonsai Society.


Some words on the photocopy are not fully legible and the assumed word is typed in (Italics) to identify this fact. The originator of this document is as yet unconfirmed but is believed to be the founder of the society Roy Taylor.


Jan 1st - 8th Considered the possibility of forming a bonsai section to the Southport Cactus Society.


Jan 8th Wrote to The Bonsai Club. Bromage and Young, asking if they would support us in this activity.


Jan 12th Wrote to Mr Gardner, editor for Bonsai Kai of the Japan Society (Xendai) requesting advice on meetings.


Jan 12th Wrote to the Japanese Embassy asking for a name suggestion and any help they could offer.


Jan 14th Japanese Embassy suggested Bonsai Aikosha


Jan 16th Reply from Bromage and Young offering (Association) at a fee to be suggested by myself. This would give us 5% discount and copies of their quarterly report.


Jan 25th Proposed formation to Cactus Society Committee, it was accepted.


Feb 2nd Wrote as news item to:- Radio Blackburn, Radio Merseyside, Popular, and Amateur Gardening. Acknowledged 7th Feb and Gardening News Acknowledged 5th Feb.


Feb 3rd Announcement to Society members. 25 attended.


Feb 8 - 12th 4 shots in local news


Feb 12th Wrote to Little Timber, The Northern Bonsai Nursery in N. Wales, asking if they were interested in assisting.


Feb 14th Reply from Little Timber. Very interested and they would like to meet 2 members of the Committee.


Feb 16th Gardening News printed the news item announcement.


Feb 21st Contacted H.R.Greenwood, reporter for the Southport Visitor.


Feb 22nd Radio Blackburn replied. May use news item at a later date.


Feb 24th Reporter and photographer from Southport Visitor came to get details and take photographs for the paper.


Feb 25th Visited Little Timber with Ron (Whitcomb). They offered to assist in every way. They offered a cup for the show, a % of purchases to members, and to distribute Society adverts.


Feb 27th Wrote to B.C.I (Bonsai Clubs International)


March 1st Prepared a notice suitable to send out to anone interested. Announcement laid on for a quarterly news sheet.


March 3rd Half page report feature in Southport Visitor.


March 6th Letter from B.C.I, 84 Clubs. 2 in Australia, 1 in GB (Bonsai Kai), 3 in South Africa, 1in Rhodesia, 3 in South America, 74 in U.S.A


March 10th Little Timber offered 10% off all purchases made by society members. Membership syllabus your reference (???). Also sent a quantity of seeds for distribution to members at 1st meeting. (is this foresight).


April 3rd We became a member of B.C.I making the total clubs to 85. Will receive 10 bulletins a year. Will receive information. Can hire slide programs. Members from States will come to see us when near enough.


May 22nd Mr Greenwood announced the inaugural meeting in the Visitor.




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