Bonsai Calendar

The following offers general guidance for taking care of your bonsai.
But please also take into account the weather, your tree species and its health.

  • Check winter protection
• Look for dead branches and disease damage
• Plan future training and pruning work
• Check pots for damage
• ;Clean and sharpen tools
  • Decide which trees will need repotting and calculate the compost required
• Check quantities of wire, gauze etc
 •  Purchase pots, wire, compost and any tools required
• Begin repotting and root pruning deciduous trees as dictated by the trees
• Plant seeds
• Yew cuttings can be made this month
• Work can begin on nursery stock
• Start feeding with high nitrogen feed (2 to 3 weeks after repotting)
 • Begin repotting conifers and evergreen trees
• Gather wild trees
• Make air layerings
• Check for unwanted buds on deciduous trees and rub off
• Continue high nitrogen feeding
  • Cuttings can now be taken
• Start shaping and pruning
• Healthy trees can have their first leaf pruning
• Check for insects attack and diseases and treat as required
• Nursery stock can be worked upon but avoid root pruning
  • Continue pruning
• Check for pests and diseases
• Leaf prune trees not done in May
• Feed high nitrogen to deciduous and flowering and fruiting trees
• Switch to balanced fertiliser for other trees
• Check twice daily in dry weather for adequate water
  • Feed balanced fertilizer
• Carry out any last leaf pruning
• Check for pests and diseases
• Check twice daily in dry weather for adequate water
  • Any heavy pruning on pines can now be done
• Any carving of dead wood on deciduous trees can be done this month
• Switch to low nitrogen feed
• Check twice daily in dry weather for adequate water
  • Continue to feed with low nitrogen
• Carry out any maintenance pruning
 • Low nitrogen & high potash feed for conifers
• No feed for deciduous trees
• Carve dead wood on conifers
• Remove dead needles from conifers
  • Plan next years styling and repotting plans
  • Prepare trees for winter
• Plan frost protection (tree placement or protection materials)

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