Chairmans Annual Report 2012


My report to the A.G.M

18th December 2012


Again this year there has been some successful evening meetings with presentations from Tony Tickle (yamadori yew) in June and Paul Goff (photographing bonsai) in October.
We also had presentations from our own members with Arnold Davies in January  (what to look for in styling bonsai) Sean Dring (April) on preparing trees for showing and Arnold again in September sketching the potential future development of trees. 



The weekend workshops at Pete Bullens  are still popular and there was an additional workshop with David Jones for making bonsai pots.  Thanks to Pete and Anne for their continued hospitality and support.



The exhibition at Dobbies (June) was again successful as was the society show (July) and I would like to thank Chris our show manager  on behalf of the society for all his hard work in arranging these events.


This year sees the societies 40th anniversary and we are hoping to stage a special event to celebrate this achievement.


We have a full and varied programme for next year with various presentations and workshops to benefit all members of the society.


We would like to thank all our demonstrators this year that provided us with some enjoyable evenings.

Finally I would like to thank the members of the committee who give their time and resources for the benefit of the society and you the members for your continued support.


Peter Moth,

Chairman The National Bonsai Society

December 2011

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