Marco Invernizzi Workshop

The 13th. & 14th. January 2007 saw the first visit to The National Bonsai Society of the internationally famous
Italian Bonsai Master, Marco Invernizzi, for a weekend of two full day workshops.

Any apprehension on the part of the students at attempting a workshop with someone as experienced as Marco, who served a seven year apprenticeship with the Italian Master Salvatore Liporace and spent a further four years with possibly the world's number one Bonsai Master Masahiko Kimurai, was soon dispelled. Marco immediately set everyone at ease.

The students were able to share in Marco's vast amount of knowledge. His examples and critiques of students' trees was appreciated by both new and experienced students. Everyone benefitted from the confidence gained by the opportunity, under his guidance, to put his ideas and suggestions into practice.

Having students attend from as far afield as Stoke, combined with the numerous requests for Marco to return in the future, is testimony to the value and success of his workshops.

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Marco Innernizzi Workshop 1 Marco Innernizzi Workshop 2 Marco Innernizzi Workshop 4 Marco Innernizzi Workshop 5

Marco Innernizzi Workshop 8 Marco Innernizzi Workshop 11 Marco Innernizzi Workshop 6 Marco Innernizzi Workshop 12

Marco Innernizzi Workshop 2 spacerMarco Innernizzi Workshop 7 Marco Innernizzi Workshop 9spacer Marco Innernizzi Workshop 10

Marco Invernizzi at The National Bonsai Society
Following the workshops Marco was the guest speaker at The National Bonsai Society's monthly meeting. With a good attendance from the Society's members and with visitors from the Wirral Bonsai Society it proved a very productive and enjoyable evening.

Marco demonstrated his skill at wiring and styling different species of trees, using as examples two broadleaf trees and a conifer, giving clear and detailed explanations as he worked. There was opportunity for eveyone to participate with Marco taking questions throughout.

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